Solid Wire Pins

Precision and reliability with unmatched flexibility

Using our unique wire-forming technology, custom contact pins are manufactured out of round or square wire. The precision connector pins are formed either by thermal restriction or pyramidal stamping technology. The machinery can easily be adjusted to customized geometries without the need for large tooling efforts. This results in unmatched economics for small- to medium-sized production runs. Various plating (including selective plating) and swaging (star-, wing-, harpoon- and press-fit shapes) options are available.

Thermal-restriction technology for completely smooth ends

Pins manufactured with the thermal-restriction process have extremely smooth ends and are completely free of burs. Very low but reliable plug-in forces make these pins ideally suited for multi-pole connectors. Thermally restricted pins can easily be combined with swages to meet all customer requirements.

wire connector pins

Key features:

  • Precision contact pins made from round or square wire
  • Straight and angled pin geometries
  • Optional swages in various geometries
  • High flexibility, adjustment of design possible at any time
  • No extra tooling cost for custom designs
  • Fast prototyping
  • Unmatched economics for small to medium quantity series
  • Thermal-restriction process for completely smooth, burr-free ends
  • Full or selective plating, also for angled pin geometries
  • 100% optical inspection available

thermally restricted smooth pin