Bandolier Pins

Your customized precision connector pin on a bandolier

Contact pins on a bandolier offer a compelling packaging solution for many automated insertion applications. They enable selective plating to save on the cost of precious metal as well as simplify and speed up the pin-insertion process. Bandolier contact pins are manufactured using our unique machinery by utilizing thermal restriction or swaging (pyramidal stamping). Adjustments to customized geometries are easily achievable without passing on tooling costs to the customer. Various standard bandoliers in mm and inch dimensions are available from our stock. The bandoliers are supplied to our customers on reels.

Patented compliant pins for solder-free assembly

The patented ELBIK-x-press® compliant pins with a flexible press-fit zone ensure solder-free board assembly even in multi-contact applications. The critical parameters such as the press-fit force, the retention force and the electrical conductivity are closely defined to guarantee process stability to our customers.

Key features:

  • Precision contact pins made from round or square wire
  • Optional swages in various geometries
  • Various standard bandoliers available (mm and inch dimensions)
  • High flexibility, adjustment of design possible at any time
  • No extra tooling cost for custom designs
  • Fast prototyping
  • Unmatched economics for small to medium quantity series
  • Thermal restriction process for completely smooth, burr-free ends
  • ELBIK-x-press patented flexible press-fit zone
  • Selective plating to reduce precious metal cost
  • 100% optical inspection of bandolier insertion

bandolier precision connector pins

bandolier pins selective plating