End-to-End Pins

The cost-effective solution for your custom PCB connector pins

Also known as continuous wire contacts, end-to-end pins are designed to be used with pin-insertion machines. End-to-end pins are manufactured using our unique wire-forming machinery and are supplied on continuous reels. Using wire that is pre-plated, end-to-end pins offer a very cost-effective solution for customized PCB assemblies. Adjustments to the pin geometries are easily possible without tooling costs for the customer. Various swage geometries including star-, wing-, harpoon- and press-fit shapes can be integrated into the pins.

Patented compliant press-fit pins for solder-free assembly

The patented ELBIK-x-press® compliant pins with a flexible press-fit zone ensure solder-free board assembly even in multi-contact applications. The critical parameters such as the press-fit force, the retention force and the electrical conductivity are closely defined to guarantee process stability for our customers.

end-to-end-pins for pin insertion equipment

Key features:

  • Precision pins made from pre-plated round or square wire
  • Optional swages in various geometries
  • End-to-end pins are supplied on continuous reels
  • Smooth pin ends matching automotive norms
  • High flexibility, adjustment of design possible at any time
  • No extra tooling cost for custom designs
  • Fast prototyping
  • Unmatched economics for small to medium quantity series
  • ELBIK-x-press patented flexible press-fit zone
  • 100% optical inspection

PCB terminals

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