Lead-in Wires

Powering light and special-purpose electronic applications.

With almost one hundred years of experience, we supply a wide spectrum of welded leadwires. Employing electric arc-welding technology, up to four different wire materials are combined together according to application needs. Utilizing our vast experience, we have perfected our machine designs and our sophisticated process know-how.

Yes, we can do it!

Our in-house developed wire-welding machines are characterized by their outstanding precision and flexibility. We can process a large variety of wire-based materials, including copper, Dumet, molybdenum, Monel, nickel, nickel-plated steel, copper-plated steel, tungsten and many others.

Key features:

  • 1-part headed pins and wire-cuts
  • 2-part, 3-part, 4-part and special-purpose welded leads
  • Extremely wide choice of wire materials
  • For hard-glass and soft-glass applications
  • Produced with in-house developed welding technology and machinery