Hermetic Connectors

Protect your electronics from environmental impact.

Using glass-to-metal sealing technology, our products enable robust electrical connections in extreme conditions. The connectors are a perfect fit for shielding high-vacuum, high-pressure, high-temperature, high-humidity or corrosive environments.

All our hermetic connector products are designed and built according to customer and application needs. A wide variety of options exist for the housing geometry, terminal pin configuration, material selection, as well as for plating.

Autoclavable connectors and feedthroughs.

Especially suited for medical tools and sensors, these hermetic connectors protect the device electronics during sterilization cycles. Glass-to-metal sealing technology enables a lifecycle durability and reliability that cannot be matched by other options. For critical products, we use our in-house developed precision furnace equipment to guarantee a superior level of quality.

Key features:

  • Hermetic connectors using robust glass-to-metal sealing technology
  • Customizable housing, pin configuration, materials and plating options
  • Media compatibility with a wide range of aggressive substances
  • Temperature range of -50 °C to 450 °C (matched seal)
  • Burst pressure up to 3000 bar (compression seal)
  • High level of electrical insulation
  • Helium leak rates below 10^-9 mbar l s^-1