Hermetic connectors

The Dietze Group’s hermetic connectors are designed to be used in harsh environment applications. Using glass-to-metal sealing technology, our products feature excellent media compatibility, high insulation resistance and low He-leakage rates. This makes our hermetic connectors a perfect fit for electrical connections in vacuum, high-pressure, aggressive chemicals or high corrosion environments.

All our hermetic connector products are designed and engineered to exact customer need. Housing geometry, terminal pin configuration, material selection as well as plating can all be customized to the exact requirements.

For critical products, we use our in-house developed precision furnace equipment to guarantee a superior level of quality.

Key features:

  • Hermetic connectors using glass-to-metal sealing technology
  • Housing geometry and pin configuration tailored to customer needs
  • Media compatibility with a wide range of aggressive substances
  • Wide temperature range of -50 °C to 450 °C (matched seal)
  • High burst pressure up to 3000 bar (compression seal)
  • High level of electrical insulation
  • Helium leak rate as low as 10^-9 mbar l s^-1